SeaQuest DVD

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
SeaQuest logo
SeaQuest TV Show
SeaQuest was an American Sci-fi television series which ran for three seasons with a total of 58 episodes from 1993-1996 and was aired on NBC. It was created by a TV producer and writer Rockne O'Bannon (creator of other famous TV shows such as The Triangle, Farscape and The Twilight Zone).

DVD Category:

Series Run:
First Telecast: September 12, 1993
Last Telecast: June 9, 1996

Jonathan Brandis as Lucas Wolenczak
Don Franklin as Commander Jonathan Ford
Ted Raimi as Lt. j.g. Timothy O'Neill
Roy Scheider as Captain Nathan Bridger
Marco Sanchez as Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz
Peter DeLuise as Dagwood
Michael DeLuise as Tony Piccolo
Kathy Evison as Helmswoman Lonnie Henderson
Edward Kerr as Lt. James Brody
John D'Aquino as Lt. Benjamin Krieg
Stacy Haiduk as Lt. Cmdr. Katherine Hitchcock
Royce D. Applegate as Chief Manilow Crocker
Stephanie Beacham as Dr. Kristin Westphalen

SeaQuest TV Show Trivia:

  • The only cast members that were present for the entire series run are Don Franklin, Jonathan Brandis and Ted Raimi.
  • A scuba diving equipment company known as Seaquest manufactured the wetsuits used by the crew on the series, though the show was not named after it.

SeaQuest Synopsis:

Set in the near future, the mankind is colonizing the bodies of water. They have established undersea farming, mining, manufacturing communities while using the resources found deep within. An organiziation was created to keep order and to monitor the activities within the new frontier which is called United Earth Oceans Organization (U.E.O.).

Some scenes from SeaQuest TV Series:
SeaQuest TV SeriesSeaQuest Submarine - SeaQuest TV SeriesSeaQuest Crew

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Invaders DVD

Saturday, December 1, 2007
Invaders TV Series logo
The Invaders TV Show
The Invaders is a sci-fi TV series produced by Quinn Martin. It was inspired by several alien invasion films such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers (by Don Siegel), and Quartermass 2 also known as Enemy from Space (by Val Guest).

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Series Run:
First Tele
January 10, 1967
Last Telecast: March 26, 1968

Roy Thinnes as David Vincent
Hank Simms as Narrator
William Woodson as Narrator
Kent Smith as Edgar Scoville

The Invaders TV Show Trivia:
  • The fictional character David Vincent ranked #6 in TV Guide's list of the "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends" in August, 2004.
  • The Invaders (alien/s) were never given a name and their true alien form was never shown on the entire series run.

The Invaders Synopsis:

Roy Thinnes played the character of David Vincent, an architect who accidentally discovered an alien invasion in his small town. He had witnessed the landing of an alien craft and revealed an incredible secret that the Earth is being invaded by the aliens, disguised as human beings. The invaders are an advanced race of alien creatures from a dying planet that came to earth to conquer it. Thereafter, he decided to make an investigation and eventually made it as his important mission. He had to obtain solid evidences about the creatures from the other planet in order to convince his fellow citizens before time runs out.

Can David Vincent convince the people? Find out by watching Invaders on DVD.
Invaders DVD

Some scenes from the series The Invaders:

Invaders Tv ShowInvaders TV Show

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